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Driving Improvement /Defensive Driving- $60.00
Reckless / Aggressive Driving - $65.00

Interactive Online Reckless/Aggressive Course - $195 PayPal Only
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A Safe Driver Program offers a variety of services to our customers in the Northern Virginia area. We offer the DMV approved Driver Improvement as well as the 4 Hour Reckless/Aggressive course. We also now offer the Reckless/Aggressive course via Face-time or Skype if you don't have an I phone. Check out the sign up page to get more information.

Soon to come we will be offering ACCI Lifeskills (american community corrections institute) Anger management. Using todays technology offering it via facetime (iphone) or Samsung using the camera icon next to your phone icon=facetime samsung style.
We Can Help With:
  • How to obtain a court appointed attorney.
  • How to obtain Compliance Records
  • Driver Improvement Programs
  • Reckless and Aggressive Driving Programs
Women Driving — drivers education in Falls Church, VA
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