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Below is a brief list of our clients responses after attending our Program and or going to Court.
Dear Laurie,
Thank you so much for all you have done. I count myself fortunate that I took your class. You are such a wonderful resource.
Thank you, in particular, for recommending my attorney. I've drawn my first easy breath in many months.
Fairfax County, VA
Hi Laurie,
While taking your Reckless/Aggressive Program, you helped me formulate the best strategy for my case since I chose not to obtain a lawyer. My violation was traveling 79/55 in Fauquier County. This of course was not your suggestion. I am so glad I plead NOT GUILTY, as everyone in the court that pleaded GUILTY under similar circumstances received a fine and a violation that stayed on their license for 11 years, but no jail time was sentenced.
I quickly realized that when they pled Guilty, the Judge was not interested in reducing or dismissing the charge. So, in light of my plea and the fact that I wanted to speak on my own behalf, my case was pushed toward the end of the pile.
After all the guilty cases were dealt with, the Judge gave the DA the opportunity to speak with me. After showing the DA all the documents I had obtained during and after my time in your Program, which I had copies of, she offered to reduce the charge to 74/55; this reduction made the charge a Speeding Ticket rather than a Reckless Misdemeanor.
Thank you so much for your help.
Mike O.
Fauquier County, VA
Good Morning Ms. Taylor
I took your Driver Improvement and Reckless/Aggressive Program and wanted to thank you for all the insight I gained from taking your courses. I originally did not know what to expect, but your discussion of past experiences, stories from former students and Virginia Laws ( specifically how they change annually.) was all new to me after moving from PA a few years ago.
I received a Reckless Speeding Charge, my first offense in VA ever, for 68/45 in Fairfax County. Per your advice, I obtained a Lawyer with a great dea of experience in the Fairfax County General District Court and took the Reckless/Aggressive course to obtain more knowledge about my driving habits. I also got my speedometer calibrated, sent my PA driving record and Recommendation Letters to my attorney.
I am happy to report that my Attorney negotiated a $200 non moving violation for defective equipment that deducted 0 points from my record.
My takeaway from your courses is to always be in control of my driving and familiarize myself with the laws around me. Since VA is a commonwealth, you mentioned that laws could change wildly from county to county. I also have kept the owl sticker near my speedometer to remind me that I am always in control of how I drive.
Thanks Again!
Patrick S.
Fairfax County
Dear Ms. Taylor
I am Peruvian and took your class in August.
I got a Reckless Speeding (by pace) for 97/55 on i66. I had never had a Reckless ticket before, but a couple of speeding tickets. I was graduating this December and this ticket was risking the future of my career for ever. You recommended an Attorney and I could not be more thankful to you for insisting I call them to take my case.
When we went to court, the prosecutor wanted to give me 5 days in jail, take my license for 6 months and charge me over $800. My attorney told me in was not a good day and we continued my case until November 8th. They got to talk to the Police Officer that day and he was willing to help us in any way he could.
I did about 44 hours of community service and got recommendation letters from 2 former employers, my current employer, my mentor, my father and my boyfriend who is blind & was with me in the car when I got the ticket.
Today was my court date and my attorney got my case dismissed.
You cannot imagine how happy and in peace I am after this decision.
Thank you for your classes and I wish you all the best. You are an excellent professor and I still have the sticker in my car to remind me every day to check my speed. NO more speeding for me and I now drive only in the middle and right lane.
Laura S.
Fairfax County
Just wanted to let you know that your class helped me get my Reckless Spedding ticket reduced to a mere speeding infraction.
I was so happy when I left the court room. The letters posted in your classroom with attorney suggestions solidified my choice and my attorney made getting my charge reduced look so easy!
As you know, your class is excellent! It's like Practical Psychology, TED Talk and Criminal Justice all rolled into one! I would even suggest that people not in trouble take it. A real EYE OPENER, to say the least... And I really appreciate your honesty and candidness... You are a good person and your passion is contagious.
I, like so many others, was on the edge of my seat :)
Keep doing what you are doing!
Thanks so much.
Carlos G.
Fairfax County, VA
Thank You so much. This was more than just a reckless driving class. This world needs more people like you that speak out to everyday people like me and do their own research. I go to college and some of my professors have taught me more in that one class than all the school I have taken. You are just like them. People like you are the best and most influential kind of people. Thanks again for the class and life lessons.
Pablo Perez
Hey Laurie
I took your course last month the 8 hour and the 4 hour and went to court with a driving without a valid m-endorsment and Reckless Driving 22 over. Yoon and Huff PLLLC was there with me, we ended up getting the reckless dropped to a 9 over speeding, and the other charge dropped and that was with my extremely bad record. Yoon ended up doing a great job fighting both charges even though we both thought it wouldn't be possible to do very much. Thank you for the class and all the information you gave.
Alex Martinez